Dear Christians,

You are the example, the example of Christ in this fallen world. You are the light. The light in darkness but how can we both be in darkness. You are the salt but your salt has lost its flavor. You are love but you choose whom you love. You love only those that look like you and sound like you. You judge by the outward appearance but blinded by the intent of the heart. You point the finger but never offer a finger to pull others up. You talk about being pro-life but you never offer those mothers to be a solution to keep their babies. You pass by the prostitutes and look down upon them, not knowing they were sold to a pimp. You pass the homeless and say they should get a job and work. You talk about those on welfare and why your tax dollars are paying for lazy people.

You have divided the church with your political views. You have divided the church with your denominations. You have divided the church with your cliques. You have divided the church with your racism . You have divided the church with your hate. You have the divided the church with your lies. You have divided the church with your manipulation and control. You have divided the church with your adultery and perversion. You have divided the church with your gossip and slander. You have divided the church like the Red Sea when it was parted. The red sea was divided to set people people free not keep them in slavery! Someone once said, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” The church has fallen or better yet the Christians have fallen. The church could never fall or fail because it is The ROCK, Jesus Christ!

There are people in these congregations suffering and have been bound for years, like the man at the pool of Bethseda. How can you set others free when you are not free! You pray for revival but revival has to take place within you first. You look at others faults but fail to look within yourself. You judge others by standards that you don’t uphold to yourself. You talk about the LGBTQ community and their sins, like you don’t sin. Their community is more bonded than yours. You condemn them to hell but don’t offer them or show them unconditional love. You minster to each other but don’t minster to those beyond the four walls of the church. You see a single mother struggling to carry her groceries  or carrying her children down the street and don’t offer your help. You are supposed to be His (Jesus) eyes, ears, hands and feet but you are not extending yourself. You talk about Jezebel and witchcraft when it is in the church because of your rebellion. You talk more about people than praying for them.

You diminish the power of God by your compromise. The platform has become all about you and not Jesus. You worry more about the numbers than the souls. You care more about the tithes than teaching financial literacy. The church is supposed to influence the world not the world influence the church. There is no black church, white church, latino or Asian church. There is only Jesus Christ! It’s His church. It belongs to Him. If prayer is the Body Of Christ lifeline then why you only pray when it is convenient for you and your household. Why does no one read the bible anymore and only know a handful of scriptures? The bible is your life instruction but you are choosing your own. You rip each other up on social media like a cat fight. You post things that are your opinion but not according to the word of God. You take scripture and make it fit for you. The last time I checked you are not supposed to add or takeaway from the word of GOD. You talk about repentance but don’t repent yourself.

You are the church so be the church. Be the example that Christ left for you in Genesis through Revelation. You talk about grace but act like it is for club members only. You talk about the nations and will not even minister to those in your backyard. Communities around churches are flooded with drugs, darkness, gangs, sexual immorality. How can that simply be! Everyone of them should be hit with the glory and power of God that will transform their lives simply by being in close proximity of the church. You have the example! Be the example. Be on purpose. God’s purpose that is!


Former Church Member

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