Broken Pieces

I stepped on broken pieces. Not realizing they were pieces of my soul. Cut by the pain of my past. Bleeding from the lacerations of rejection. Hurting everything I touched. Not knowing broken pieces cut.


Save me. From myself. Save me. From the anger suppressed within. Save me. From the twisted lies. Save me. From my ignorance. Save me. From the same ole mistakes. Save me. From the walls I have built. Save me. From chains of my heart. Save me. From shattered pieces of my soul. Save me. From…

The past.

It has become my addiction. My safe dysfunction. Paying homage to it everyday. Kneeling down to it. Allowing it to steer my life. Needing a 12 step program For this drug (past) of mine. I cling to it like a child to hisĀ  mother. Hoping it would comfort my pain. Replaying the memories constantly. Rarely…


Marching for a cause. Turns into hate. Obscenities thrown around. Like yesterday old news. Streets brewing with strife. Turning communities upside down. Making noise to be heard. The truth drowned. By the turbulent waters. Standing for what is right. Now becoming what is wrong. Lost by the blindness of our soul.      

Open Heart

Our nation. Broken. Scarred. Divided. By lies. And hate. Bleeding. From. The violence. In the streets. Polluted. With. Prejudice. Blinded. By. False. Ideology. Filled. With. Greed. Moaning. And. Groaning. For. Truth.                

My Sister

Your love. Have started to break. The fallow ground of my heart. But yet you are still here. Walking me through. And holding my hands. As I fight my way to freedom. You are my SHEro! The way you love me. Is evident. Priceless. And without conditions. And my heart knows it. I honor you.…

Missing I.D.

Abuse steals your identity. Whether it be sexual, physical, or emotional. Who you were is no longer there. Its being held captive. Stolen by the darkness of your soul. So now every face you see. Becomes yours. Trapped underneath. The masks. You wear. Each night.      


What do I seek for this heart of mine? Once a treasure. Turned into stone. By the pitfall of man. Guarded by my insecurities. Afraid to let love in. So I am parched. From the flow of love. Needing love. To erupt. The volcano. of my past.                …

How are you?

I see you walking your dog early in the mornings. I see you everyday as you take out the trash. I see you dressed to impressed every work day. I see you driving your kids to soccer games on the weekend. I see you smile. Forgive me. For not asking. How are you?

As The World Turns

There are so many. Minutes in a day. And hours in a week. 1440 minutes in a day. And 168 hours in a week to be exact. Time we are all given. To manifest our destiny. To walk out our calling. It is time that will tell. How we made use. Of this gift. Called…